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Here's What our customer say!
Here's What our customer say!
Here's What our customer say!
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Here's What our customer say!

Wireless Broadband Installations .....

Today, thousands of businesses are looking to high-speed broadband internet access to reduce costs and benefit from significantly better speed and quality of access.

Broadband - Do I need it.
Broadband Internet brings your business up to speed, fast download times and quick web access make your business work better. With most suppliers converting to online buying / procurement systems, having company wide internet access is no longer a optional extra, its essential!
It couldn't be easier

Pentland PC will supply and install ADSL broadband for your business!

Pentland PC are an independent IT provider with working relationships with a number of different leading broadband providers in the UK, we can provide you with up to a 8MB per second ADSL connection. Our independance essentially means that the best deal customised for you will be provided.

What is Broadband?
A broadband connection (ADSL) provides high-speed Internet access over a normal analogue phone line. The advantage of a broadband connection over a dialup service, is essentially speed of the internet connection which is 'always-on', and it also frees up your telephone while accessing the net.
Benefits of Broadband
Most of the marketing for broadband sells the fact that broadband is a fast, always-on service.
  • Cost - Broadband has a fixed monthly/quarterly/annual cost..
  • Connection time - This is where the 'always-on' bit has benefits - you establish a connection, and hang on to it.
  • Speed - Standard dialup modems have a maximum speed of 56k, and broadband typically offers between 1meg and 8meg connections - potentially 160 times faster than dialup.
  • Phone line - When you're online with broadband, your phone line isn't tied up.
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