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Health & Safety Management Services.....

The modern business environment now requires us to absorb information quickly and think logically but creatively. Pentland PC offers has many years of experience across different industry sectors and can offer a bespoke turnkey service from initial setup through implementation, certification and beyond. Health and Safety can have a huge impact on your company if it's not managed effectively

Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety Management is key to identiying the hazards and risks within any company. The key to reducing these hazards and risks is the successful management of Health and Safety.

Our experienced personnel have implemented and currentlly support a number of Health and Safety Management systems based on OHSAS 18001 throughout the UK.

With the new draft 2015 Health & Safety standard being published soon we can assist organisations in managing this change..

How well do you understand your obligations under Health and Safety Law?

Many small to medium sized companies do not fully understand their obligations under Health and Safety Law, There are many pieces of Health and Safety legislation, ACOP's, EU directives that need to be complied with in addition to the Health and Safety at Work Act the UK. Within the UK if an H & S accident or incident occurs the organisation, it's MD and including its managers, are presumed to be guilty, after the accident, unless they can prove that they took all possible/reasonable steps to prevent it.


An organisation should provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment, install adequate signage, to prevent injury or loss. However these two things do not cover all an organisation in the event of an accident. Indeed its is still not enough even to provide and deliver employee training, (although this helps in establishing "innocence") ; it must not be possible for the employee to argue that use of the equipment without protection was established custom and practice in the organisation.


Fundamental H & S Requirements

If your company has more than 5 employees you must have a written H & S policy, and every company is subject to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and to a number of other sets of Statutory H & S Regulations, from the "Working at Height Regulations", to "Electricity at Work Regulations" and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007".


The first time that many small to medium sized companies know of Health and Safety law is when they have a visit from the Health and Safety Executive, after an accident.

Pentland PC can help you develop your companies Health and Safety Policy and advise you on improving Health and Safety in general within your organisation.

IT Support

Pentland’s experience with the IT sector will also allow your company have your Information systems set up your way!

Pentland PC specialises in:
  • H & S Training
  • Training on Heath & Safety
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