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Environmental Management Services.....

Many companies are implementing an Environmental Management System these days. There can be many reasons for this decision. Some have a demand placed on them by the larger customers who already have a an Environmental System, others decide on the basis of cost savings and improving their impact on the environment.

Any firm who has implemented an EMS have benefited in one way or another e.g. they save on water costs, energy costs, and waste management bills and consequently use less resources. By saving on these costs many organisations reduce their daily operating costs whilst improving their company's reputation.

The modern business environment now requires us to absorb information quickly and think logically but creatively. Pentland PC offers has many years of experience across different industry sectors and can offer a bespoke turnkey service from initial setup through implementation, certification and beyond.


Environmental Management

Environmental Management is key to identiying the Aspects and impacts within any company. The key to reducing these aspects and impacts is the successful management of the Significant Environmental Impacts.

Our experienced personnel have implemented and currentlly support a number of Enviromental Management systems based on ISO 14001 throughout the UK.

With the new draft 2015 ISO 9001, 14001 and Health & Safety standards being published soon we can assist organisations in managing this change.

In today’s marketplace there is increased pressure to reduce cost and waste and Pentland can support you by introducing & maintaining the principles of lean manufacturing giving your organisation the competitive advantage. Pentland can advise your company on how to manage your waste streams more effectively and in some cases turn an expense into a gain.

Pentland’s experience with the IT sector will also allow your company have your Information systems set up your way!

Training packages designed to make your business more effective than ever will provide support to the people within your company.

Pentland PC specialises in:
  • EMS Auditor Training
  • Training on Quality Tools
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