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Data Recovery Solutions for Home & Business.....

Today thousands of businesses are lose data due to inadaquate backup procedures resulting in disruption and some catastrophic loss of key business data required for the organisation to operate effectively.

How do I know if my backup processes are effective?
Do you have a regular back up regime? Is your backups adequately stored to afford protection and prevent deterioration damage or loss? If not why not contact Pentland and we can provide help and assistance.
Typical Error messages

Primary Hard Disk not found. Press F1 to Continue
Invalid or corrupt FAT
Invalid partition table entries
Invalid sector
Cannot find file or program
Primary/Secondary Hard disk failure
CRC error
Corrupt directory listing
Hard drive is clicking or ticking or beeps
Hard drive motor is not spinning
LED on hard drive flashing
Master Boot Record Not Found
Problems Cased by Viruses

Non system disk or disk error - This error normally occurs if the file system has become corrupt
It may be that your computer may not even recognise the drive, or it is making peculiar clicking noises.

If the hard disk is making ANY unusual noises, then immediately turn it off and give us a call. We can successfully recover data and, in many cases, return it within 1 day.
Data Backup Service.
We will diagnose and confirm the level of data recovery that we can attain from your media and we'll contact you to find out exactly which data you want recovered.

After which we will recover the data you want and copy the contents onto DVD or USB Hard Drive. We can also rebuild your PC and restore your data downloading all of the relevant security updates to ensure your PC is secure.

Call us to arrange a Data management review ?
Why not call us to discuss how best to ensure your data is safely an securely backed up and stored.
Find out more ?
If you would like more information or would like to arrange a free pre-sales meeting, please contact us
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