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CD Ripping Service... Let us do all the hard work for you!

Pentland PC can take all your albums and turn them into one comprehensive library.

Let us carry out this gruelling, time consuming task of converting all your songs into the correct format to play on your iPod or other MP3 Player.

Converting a CD to a digital audio file can be fairly complicated and time consuming. But with Pentland PC your complete CD collection can be converted quickly, professionally and to the highest sound quality.


You send your CD collection to us and we will return it along with all your music encoded into digital audio files. We can even load the music onto your personal MP3 player or MP3 jukebox for you. Itís as easy as that.

Cost per CD £1

Delivery £25


E.g. 100 CD's cost £125,

150 CD's cost £175 etc.

We also offer a package which includes copying your Music onto your Ipod or Hard Drive. Contact us for more information.

It is your responsibility to ensure every CD you send to Pentland PC is wholly owned by you and that the digital audio files that we return to you are for your personal use only. It is illegal to share the music that is encoded from your CD collection as set out in the copyright of the CD. If you sell or are no longer in possession of the original CD then you have a legal obligation to delete the encoded version of that CD.
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